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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

16,000% gains from the Cisco of the smart grid !!!

16,000% gains from the Cisco of the smart grid !!!

Does Anyone of you knows what company is this?

The Smart Grid: Bigger than Bill Gates

"The Cisco of the Smart Grid"

As you probably know, many people got rich from the emergence of the Internet.

The best example might be Cisco Systems. The Internet-hardware company handed investors 16,637% gains from 1990 to 2000.

But some investors will get even richer off the emergence of a new Internet.

This one will be 1,000 times bigger than the first, according to a current Cisco VP.

The new Internet won't handle emails and web pages. It will route energy between power plants and customers in the most efficient way possible.

Many call this new network the Smart Grid.

As CNET reports, the new network will add billions to the bottom lines of both utility companies and customers each year.

"Building the smart grid means adding computer and communications technology to the existing electricity grid. With an overlay of digital technology, the grid promises to operate more efficiently and reliably... Much like computers and routers manage the flow of bits on the Internet, smart-grid technologies use information to optimize the flow of electricity."

By increasing efficiency, the power companies will consume less fuel. And that means producing fewer emissions.

No wonder Congress approved $11 billion for the Smart Grid!

And no wonder experts see the Smart Grid as a $100 billion marketplace for new technologies, ideas, and equipment.

For investors in one little company, all of this could mean enormous gains.

We call this fast-emerging company the "Cisco of the Smart Grid." While Cisco provided the routers and switches for the first Internet, this company provides the data "hubs" for the Smart Grid.

These hubs route information and energy between power plants and customers – in real time. And they're already controlling the flow of power in places like Tennessee, Florida, Ontario, and California.

A Southern California Edison Vice President calls the hubs "an essential part of providing clean, cost-effective technology solutions to further enhance the reliability of the electric power grid."
"Well, there's another one you called correctly!"
– member Larry S.

But the company is just getting started. It's looking at potential deals with dozens of other major metropolitan power companies. And as each new customer signs on, the company's earnings will spark higher.

Considering that the new Smart Grid promises to grow 1,000 times the size of the original Internet, you can see the profit potential. The gains could be positively Cisco-like.

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